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Hotel Capital San Jose Costa Rica

Welcome to Hotel Capital San Jose Costa Rica.
We offer 15 Rooms all equipped with TV Cable, Private Bathroom, Hot Water, Fan, Double orthopedic bed, available rooms for two / three beds. Located in the historical downtown of San Jose, near to almost all the bus station to travel around the country and outside (Panama, Nicaragua). A large historical Costa Rican B/W Pictures collection.

Bernardo Escobar

Bernardo Escobar -You are always welcome to our hotels

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Our hotels could be your base for first and last night and transit around the country. We offer you security box, luggage store, laundry sevice, airport pick up , free tourist information, tours, car rental. We are so friendly, you can be sure we will always try to do our best for your comfort in our hotels - cheap and good accommodation.






Escaping the rat race. Longing to visit splendid beaches and rain forests. Wanting to live comfortably on a not-so-abundant pension. Setting up a succesful business in an investment-welcoming country. Do any of these reasons for moving to Costa Rica sound familiar to you?

If you have goals similar to these, then it's probably a good idea that you become better acquainted with reality so that you can assess your dreams. Costa Rica is Central America's second smallest country (19653 sq.miles) bordering Nicaragua on the North and Panama on the South. It boasts several micro-climates and ecosystems, but its weather conditions are summarized by two seasons: rainy and dry.

This tropical country contains emerald-green rainforests as well as paradisiacal beaches. When considering living in this country, however, one must take into consideration a lot more aspects than just its natural allure. The money issue is of course, one of the main practicalities that must be taken into account. Costa Rica's economic and political situation are extremely stable, especially when comparing it to surrounding countries. Investment opportunities include ornamental plants & flowers, agriculture and livestock, tourism, real estate or any of several activities that has plenty of demand but not enough supply.

Many foreigners seek employment, but they must realize that for the most part, salaries are low, and that if they have initiative and drive, they should consider establishing their own venture. Income tax collection has improved in the last few years, but only income that is produced locally is taxed. The cost of living in Costa Rica is not a straight forward issue. A couple may live frugally at $800 to $1000 a month, which means riding buses, renting a small house and not indulging in trips or other luxuries. A more comfortable living standard requires $2000 a month for a couple.

Some things such as utilities, local foods and products are cheap, while most imported goods are extremely expensive. Apart from investing and a reasonable cost of living, Costa Rica offers other advantages: impressive health and educational systems, widespread communications (phone,internet, cable,t.v.), friendly people, abundant transportation means, mild weather, etc. Among the obvious cons to living in this country are: bureaucracy, corruption, potholes in the streets and an increase in crimes such as theft.

The best strategy for determining if the pros outweigh the cons, is to move to Costa Rica for at least a six month period, and to try out reality in a foreign country. Foreign visitors may eventually decide to become residents, in which case they must seek legal and economic advice in order to acquire the desired status. They must also visit the ICT or Tourism Bureau and the Association of Retired or Earning Residents.

Even if potholes and other negative aspects win over excellent business opportunities and great beaches, most foreigners will agree that an extended visit to Costa Rica can mean anything from a relaxing vacation, to a chance to live a peaceful existence in a beautiful country.


Best location in San Jose Downtown - Costa Rica



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